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What are we?

A global collective of senior creative minds.

Collective. Intelligence.

The Bauhub is a thriving, evolving enterprise strength collective of experienced marketing pros. Our vetted and hand-picked membership of 327 bring, on average, 18 years of practice in his/her craft. You’ll find savvy, smarts and insight up and down our talented lineup.

6576 years. And counting.

With a collective track record that's measured in millennia, there is little we have not faced (and conquered). From ad to app; from marketing plan to matchbook cover; from established brand to exciting startup, we have the team to deliver brilliant results.

One size fits. No one.

With gymnastic flexibility, our collective approach allows us to handle any size of task with aplomb (or a basket of plombs). Whether it's a single member to tweak a website or a Bauhub team to launch an international brand, you’ll find we are ready, able and very well armed.

1440 Brands

Just a few of the brands that we (and our members) have had the pleasure of working with, on and for.

A taste of our Members Work

Projects, big and small, have all been across our desks.

Your personal 329 member team… on demand.

For a business all about people, we can deliver some pretty good numbers.

Advertising 138
Client Management 51
Animation 16
Architecture 7
Branding 93
Design 148
Film / Video 40
Illustration 41
Audio 21
Photography 43
Public Relations (PR) 60
Printing 28
Internet 42
Writing 122
Strategic 111
Consulting 62
Events 20
Financial 4
Social Media 27
Translation 6
Consumer Research 11
Innovation 9
Software Development 12
Project Management 9
Digital Publishing 4
Publishing 9

Every member of The Bauhub has been invited to join, vetted, interviewed and only then approved to offer their services to you.


Average Years of Experience per Member


Total Combined Years Experience



26 Vertical Markets

12 Countries

Its all adds up to 1.

One good reason to give us a call! We're here to help.


Mani. Festo.

The Bauhub is both a new way to work and a new way to get work done. You’re looking for inspiration? Check. Perspiration? Plenty. Transformation? Wouldn’t be the first time. Any nation? Not quite, but give us time.

Whatever your need, we deliver. Creative solutions. Strategic directions. Inspired creations. Technical wizardry. Media mastery. Social superiority. The Bauhub is here to help.

The Bauhub is 100% ‘agency-free’!

The Bauhub is not an advertising agency, or a marketing consultancy, or a communications conglomerate, or a… you get the point.

We are a massively capable collective that is working in a collaborative, productive, initiative-demanding environment that is also laughably low-overhead.

We have all the hands (and more) but none of the handcuffs that are the cost of doing business for a typical communications firm. (Of course, if you were looking for typical you would not have read this far!).

Let’s solve a problem.

(Finally, a call to action!)

From this website you can learn who we are, what we’ve done and, to a certain extent, how we think. But the best way to get to know us is to . You can go through a big agency search (with RFP’s and consultants if you like!) or you can just try us out. You don’t have to sign a nine-year contract. With The Bauhub you can learn first hand if we’re all that we say we are. So contact us and let’s get started!

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