Sherri Gallowitz, R.G.D.

Sherri Gallowitz, R.G.D.

Creative Director, Cause Marketer

27 Years of experience

Toronto, Canada


I began my career in the early 1990's as a graphic designer in the corporate sector, including a decade in France where I worked on branding and corporate identity projects for clients such as Sephora, Carrefour, and Evian. Paris is an amazing place to spend your twenties. I walked, learned, and grew a lot. I returned to Montreal in 1996 and settled in Toronto in 2003.

Starting in 2006 I had the opportunity to work with multiple national and international organizations such as UNICEF, Plan Canada, Children's Wish Foundation, Kids Help Phone, the Lung Association, The Nature Conservancy of Canada and dozens more – creating marketing campaigns, communications and events branding and design to raise funds and awareness. Using my energy and talents to make a difference in the community and the world. I was hooked.

With my company G Strategic since 2010, my focus has been on organizations and businesses in the social services, N.G.O., educational, environmental, green tech, arts & cultural sectors. Clients I've worked with include Save the Children Canada, Toronto Atmospheric Fund, Canadian Enviornmental Law Association, Seneca College, and Regent Park Film Festival. Expertise includes communications audits, group facilitation, branding and rebranding, tagline creation, print and web design.

I am passionate about creating communictaions design that combines insight, authenticity and inspiration to help my clients reacjh their marketing and social impact goals... and to inspire change.

Top 5 Skills:

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All My Skills

Creative Direction
Web Design
Print Design
Corporate Identity
Art Direction

Top 5 Tools:

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All My Tools

Adobe Illustrator
Adobe InDesign
Adobe Photoshop
Mac OS X

Some of my work:

Title: Project 1001
Client: Project 1001
Description: Project Description
Seneca gc pages
Seneca gc cover
Title: Project 949
Client: Project 949
Description: Project Description
Cela rebrand logo
Cela rebrand logo french
Cela rebrand card
Cela rebrand styleguide
Title: Project 977
Client: Project 977
Description: Project Description
Michener ar cover
Michener ar inside
Title: Associated Press
Client: Associated Press
Verticals: Not for Profit
Description: Project Description
Ernestine's mobile
Ernestine's logo
Ernestine's card
Ernestine's web
Ernestine's march
Title: Project 915
Client: Project 915
Description: Project Description
Scc what we do
Scc cover
Scc from the chair
Scc floods
Scc grafix
Title: Project 925
Client: Project 925
Description: Project Description
Climate spark ads
Climate spark logo
Climate spark ignite
Climate spark accelerate
Climate spark web
Climate spark launch

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