Carlos M Duarte

Carlos M Duarte

Publisher/Creative Director/Photographer

33 Years of experience

Toronto, Canada


Visual Arts Communicator/Image Maker


International experience in spearheading entrepreneurial creative business and initiatives that deliver results.  Confident and action-oriented with proven relationship building skills, exceptional communication and consensus-building skills, and a strategic and pragmatic approach to problem solving.  Fearlessly take on challenges and ready to take bold action steps to achieve great results. Always aiming to inspire and create lasting and positive social change.                                                          


Creative Director ▪ Advertising Image Maker ▪ Publishing

Applied Arts Educator


Freelance Creative Director/Editor and Photographer wanting to embrace new projects.


"It's not how good you are, it's how good you want to be."

Paul Arden 


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Adobe Photoshop
Adobe InDesign
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Some of my work:

Title: World
Client: World
Verticals: Arts & Culture
Description: Project Description
Title: Various
Client: Various
Verticals: Arts & Culture
Description: Project Description
1394398008 d50e67a2 dd9d 4f6a 99db df31b96658f2 sierranevada
1394397936 60c74716 32db 47ff 94b8 a0b68f646c5a expo2
1394397990 47cf79bb 7b9c 4675 80ee 26fad0925482 medow
1394556320 c377c82a 374d 4c29 b96c e50df3610bbc windows
1394397835 e30ce6d5 1dfd 4161 903c 603206e15b22 beach1
1394398047 1817adb5 83f7 4ff1 ab68 76dbff8ccfad temple
1394397890 ca45c84d bd1b 451e 9e3f 35d30ff0c124 catamaran1
1394397908 bec6c6ab 7b89 4098 83b7 438b1d278322 cobbles
1394397954 b9fe7e57 0744 4e56 a056 9ddd9bb2014f expo3
1394397972 80fc78e5 bffb 40c0 a571 8072b1292f14 horizon
1394398025 e3e9936a 6e0b 4308 a072 c8220582ccd9 sintra2
1394397816 b4c2f945 7c52 4586 9eda f67453b16812 alentejo2
1394397860 21112d06 19c2 4be9 904c 60668884987c buildings
1394397874 8db9db3a 4619 41e5 b9c3 775a0e0ce959 cabodaroca
Title: Various
Client: Various
Verticals: Arts & Culture
Description: Project Description
1394399359 9ff6a71d b5a1 49b6 9741 f09879f01ab2 dome
1394399392 d5458ba4 03a9 4957 9a71 2683649867a4 head
1394399426 c95932d0 11ab 474f b5b7 6271469a4d4f lolita1
1394399346 86a2bf84 4d3d 4e8a 8b53 46c8b4ecea74 crow
1394399411 cc5d2b52 58d4 488f a884 afa06104e511 lamp
1394399539 d67d0f92 8dc6 4462 bc88 18800d076f59 vase
1394399466 aa5539dd 880b 4c90 a025 d65f63aef587 necklace1
1394399507 0f6db3cb adeb 4426 9b09 a2fc9153e856 shoes3
1394399524 1c19ad56 41ca 4a83 b7c4 b6283d0c65bb tiles
1394399482 53ac8286 ebc8 435c 8d94 833d76d3d4bb shellfish
1394399299 3de944e3 a310 40a3 abc6 5b9d6e8e0d7a brouches
1394399316 e7378ae6 c6e6 4696 abf9 868ea4f8fe25 bubbles
1394399444 201a1bc0 d132 495e 9322 84bb6dcdac45 music1
1394399330 d80ca320 ea15 48cd b605 0fdcb8f91375 ck
Title: Various
Client: Various
Verticals: Arts & Culture
Description: Project Description
1394400019 169618a8 8be4 4dbb 8c8f 507385a3b08e redhair
1394399921 d00c5a86 195c 403e b020 969d4a8ee26f leather
1394399876 42b9cafb beac 4c8e bbe2 6107f7571cef forest
1394399939 b982af20 31a0 4755 bc9c e61375c11ac3 legs
1394399972 b08e4fe1 2872 4e68 bf7b c237f2b85fa3 pool
1394399856 264d0658 96ff 4549 9b8b 4f668ed80678 faces
1394400065 03a733ed 9210 4bf7 ba50 ed5901526927 shoes5
1394400033 f895c6a7 0b08 4935 b3cd 7f0153db686f shoes1
1394400050 f327ec5a 82cd 4f98 bb0f e215fb7b4c84 shoes4
1394399992 2c2a26c8 2559 4cf8 8204 5a775e31490b rain1
1394399906 fed356eb a191 46ef 95bf a2805d38653c joana1
1394400079 e6f4a90a ba4c 4649 b665 5532fc5b3b5f skirt
1394399954 a024ec34 acc4 4f92 b5a9 5d992a53c91d necklace2
1395929935 fc840c81 858d 46c1 9f5c a0fcc0446c50 runway2

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