Brian Hunt

Brian Hunt

Director, Filmmaker, Cinematographer, Editor

17 Years of experience

Collingwood / Toronto, Canada



Brian Hunt has been working in the wide world of Video and Film for 12 years. He got his feet wet by shooting action sports films in his early 20’s and quickly matured into a sought after Director and DOP.  His understanding for Storytelling at the post production level is a major influence in his shooting and the knowledge of what is needed to be captured and create a compelling story.  Brian delivers the technical and creative expertise that make him such a valuable resource in todays' media landscape.


Top 5 Tools:

See all my tools

All My Tools

Final Cut Pro
After Effects
DVD Studio Pro
Adobe Photoshop
Adobe Illustrator

Some of my work:

Title: DocTrackr
Client: DocTrackr
Verticals: Professional Services
Description: Project Description
Title: Nutrience Pet Foods / Clarke Stanley
Client: Nutrience Pet Foods / Clarke Stanley
Verticals: Food & Beverage
Description: Project Description
Title: Scotia Bank
Client: Scotia Bank
Verticals: Financial
Description: Project Description

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